Dyno Tuning - R.E. Sinclair, Christchurch NZ Dyno Tuning - R.E. Sinclair, Christchurch NZ
Dyno Tuning - R.E. Sinclair, Christchurch NZ
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RE Sinclair - Dyno Tuning
Dyno Tuning - R.E. Sinclair, Christchurch NZAt RE Sinclair Ltd we have a full dyno room setup, running a Dyno Dynamics 4WD rolling road Dyno. This enables us to diagnose problems and test all areas of your vehicle without having to road test. Supports front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles. Set up is quick and easy, with the ability to drive straight on without having to remove wheels.

We tune any make or model and have been very successful in producing outstanding results in all fields of motorsport, but it is our many years experience in testing and tuning the rotary engine, that makes us stand out from the rest. Where other tuners may struggle to get the desired outcome, our technical knowledge and understanding enables us to deliver accurate diagnosis and impressive results.
ECU Mapping and Power runs

Customers will receive free fuel flow and pressure testing on every full ECU mapping service. Both our ECU mapping and power run service provide you with dyno sheets for power at wheels, torque at wheels, air fuel ratio, and boost pressure free of charge. Additional sheets are available on request.

For tuning prices please contact us re-sinclair@outlook.com